Godot 4.1.2 – New Maintenance update

Due to the new status that Godot has now acquired as a free open source 2D & 3D game engine for many newcomers, I would like to give you more news and information about this great project on my Patreon and blog.

As some of you have read here in the past, I discovered Godot some time ago and have spent a lot of time there since then. The Godot project reminds me a lot of Blender a few years ago, so I’m happy that it’s getting so much more attention now.

After starting with it, I found myself opening Unity no more …

Here is the link to the article with an initial overview:


I hope that I will have time in the future to make a short introduction for you.

But now the current news,


Godot 4.1 is celebrating its 3 month anniversary this week, and that means Godot 4.2 is entering the beta testing phase shortly after. This development cycle has been packed with bugfixes and other improvements. As always, we take the safest of these contributions and we compile them into a patch release for the current stable version of the engine.

Such is the case of Godot 4.1.2, which is officially available starting today! Engine contributors provided fixes for almost every area of the engine.

More information: