Blender Anime style animations by DillonGoo Studio

Did you know, that Blender is not only a great 3D-Animation application with photorealistic rendering, but is also powerful application to mimic classic 2D-Shading and Animation?

No, I’m not talking about 2D-Animation with Grease Pencil, but 3D-Scenes and Objects with 2D-Shading.

One studio, which is masting this artform, is DillonGoo Studios (

Beside of their forked Blender version for this style and their great demos they now deliver an episodical anime-style animation on YouTube – ENJOY 🔥

Have fun!


EPISODE 1 – PROGENITOR: The Shogunate (DillonGoo x Genshin)

EPISODE 2 – PROGENITOR: Albedo (DillonGoo x Genshin)

Blender is such an amazing tool for story telling. If you want to learn more about Blender in Production, please visit my Blender trainings website or reach out directly to me info [at] .