Blender Anime style animations by DillonGoo Studio

Did you know, that Blender is not only a great 3D-Animation application with photorealistic rendering, but is also powerful application to mimic classic 2D-Shading and Animation?

No, I’m not talking about 2D-Animation with Grease Pencil, but 3D-Scenes and Objects with 2D-Shading.

One studio, which is masting this artform, is DillonGoo Studios (

Beside of their forked Blender version for this style and their great demos they now deliver an episodical anime-style animation on YouTube – ENJOY 🔥

Have fun!


EPISODE 1 – PROGENITOR: The Shogunate (DillonGoo x Genshin)

EPISODE 2 – PROGENITOR: Albedo (DillonGoo x Genshin)