Final Lessons for Banana Project online!

The final lessons for the Houdini FX Modeling & Texturing Workshop “Banana” are online now.

This time we are working with UVs, Texturpainting in 3D Coat and then render the final product. Hope, you liked the first project in my new “Houdini Practice Hour” series.

In this tutorial, we will unwrap the UVs of the banana, use uv layout and then export the object as FBX and obj.

These topics are covered:

  • UV Flatten Node
  • Cutting Seams
  • Sewing seams
  • Working with UV constraints
  • Pins for UVs
  • Straighten Edges in UVs
  • Rectify Groups of Quads in UVs
  • UV Transform
  • Export with FBX ROP and File Cache

This tutorial series „Houdini Practice Hour“ is meant for newbies in Houdini FX, who want to learn the basic tasks of modeling, uvs, shading, lighting and rendering on a project base in Houdini FX. I will explain you step by step the workflows and tools, so you can follow along and then experiment for deepen your knowledge. Learning means „getting your hands dirty“. This series doesn’t give you the most effective, elegant or the “only right way”, it’s concepted to give you a solid learning experience.

If your are searching for a complete introduction into the fundamentals of Houdini FX, you can take a look here:

Playlist des gesamten Banana Projects:

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