The next hour of free content is online. This time we dive into Substance Painter and texture our Toothbrush from the “Houdini FX Practice Hour”. Next week we will finish this project by rendering the final scene in Houdini FX with Mantra and Pixar’s RenderMan. And, the next project is coming soon! These tutorials are meant for newbies in Painter but are filled with many tips & trick and workflow hints.I hope, you have fun with them.Helge If you want to support me for publishing more free tutorials, you could join my Patreons: Or you can download the PROJECTRead More

Here we go – the next 4 lessons of our “Houdini FX Practice Hour” (Beginner’s series) are online. Hairy stuff, this time! The toothbrushes get now their bristles with the help of the Houdini FX Grooming system. Thanks for all your support! In this tutorial, you will learn how the Houdini FX Grooming system works and which nodes are involved to build up an easy system. We will take a look into generating Guides and how to generate Hair from them. Also you will learn how to use Attribute Paint to drive the placement and length of your Hair. TheseRead More

Welcome to our new “Houdini FX Practice Hour” project. This time we will model, texture and render a Toothbrush with glass. Also, we will dive into the Houdini FX groom system for generating the bristles with hair. Hope, you like it – if yes, please subscribe 🙂 In this tutorial, we will create a Houdini FX project and talk about the importance of the project structure and the Houdini variables $JOB and $HOME and to make sure, that your paths will not break when transferring the project to another machine or a render farm. These topics are covered: Generation aRead More

The final lessons for the Houdini FX Modeling & Texturing Workshop “Banana” are online now. This time we are working with UVs, Texturpainting in 3D Coat and then render the final product. Hope, you liked the first project in my new “Houdini Practice Hour” series. In this tutorial, we will unwrap the UVs of the banana, use uv layout and then export the object as FBX and obj. These topics are covered: UV Flatten Node Cutting Seams Sewing seams Working with UV constraints Pins for UVs Straighten Edges in UVs Rectify Groups of Quads in UVs UV Transform Export withRead More

Today I’ve released the first part of my new “Houdini FX Practice Hour” series on YouTube. 5 Lessons for Beginners, showing Direct Modeling in Houdini FX. Hope, you like it: Next part will come next week, then we will dive into UVs, Texture Painting, Shading and Rendering. In this tutorial, we will set up our Houdini FX scene for modeling. These topics are covered: Setting up a reference image in COPs Setting up reference images in the viewport Working with different display options to help the modeling process Changing object shading and ghosting Learning keyboard shortcuts for working withRead More

*** It’s finally done! Helge and his team worked for more than a year on this epic publication and are happy and proud to be finally able to tell you all about it. So here are the details about the contents of this video-tutorial: This publication “pixeltrain – Houdini FX Fundamentals >> Fast Forward“ by experienced trainer Helge Maus is a complete Introduction to Houdini FX. In 117 lessons with a duration of 18,5 hours, your instructor Helge Maus provides you with a step by step approach to understanding Houdini FX and its workflow as a fully featured 3d application.Read More

>> MOUVO – Education in Motion 22. – 23. Februar 2019, Prag   “Mouvo – Festival presenting Motion Design in all of its forms. Ubiquitous and creative dynamic field, combining graphic design, animation, video, special effects and new technologies. Mouvo festival is a meeting place for all the thinkers, talents and producers around the world, who would like to cooperate and meet others from the community, those who are eager to learn, inspire and to be inspired.”   Helge wurde als Vortragender auf das Mouvo Festival in Prag eingeladen. Damit wird dieses Motion Design Festival das 3D & VFX Eventjahr 2019 fĂŒr pixeltrain einlĂ€uten. Nach der MouvoRead More

  In Helges neuesten, kostenfreien Video-Tutorials geht es um das kostenfreie PluginProEXR 2.0 ( fĂŒr Adobe After Effects CC. Dieses Plugin erlaubt es, Adobe After Effects Arists endlich komfortabel mit multi-channel EXRs zu arbeiten und auch noch Cryptomattes direkt in AEX nutzen zu können. Damit rĂŒckt After Effects ein StĂŒck nĂ€her an die VFX-Pipelines der großen Studios heran.     Im ersten Tutorial stellt Euch Helge das kostenfreie Plugin ProEXR 2.0 ( vor, mit dem Ihr ganz einfach KanĂ€le aus den EXRs extrahieren könnt. Außerdem könnt ihr automatisch ein gesamtes Composite von allen Ebenen einer EXR-Datei ausgeben lassen. Zudem auchRead More

  pixeltrain goes Italy und Helge freut sich ins Land des Cappuccinos, der Pizza und Spaghetti und nicht zu vergessen des Tiramisus in bewĂ€hrter 3D- & VFX-Manier einzutauchen. Wie Ihr Euch vorstellen könnt, ist Helge per Sprach-App in jeder freien Minute fleißig am Italienisch lernen und im pixeltrain studio erklingt nur noch italienische Musik von Francesco Gabbani, Ermal Meta, Laura Pausini, Elisa und Co 😉 Wir haben eine Spotify Liste “pixeltrain goes italy” angelegt. Vielleicht wollt Ihr mit uns hören und in der Vorfreude auf Italien schwelgen 🙂 >>   Helge wurde aufmerksam auf die View Conference und die View ConferenceRead More

  Das Team von dve advanced systems lĂ€dt Euch herzlich zum Cinema 4D R20 Release Day am Montag, den 3.9.2018 in MĂŒnchen ein!   Programm: 17.30 Einlass 18.00 Jonas Pilz von Maxon stellt die Features der aktuellen Version Cinema 4D R20 vor. – Pause – 19.30 Helge Maus von pixeltrain hĂ€lt einen Vortrag mit dem Thema „Praxisnahe Workflows for MotionGraphics & Guerilla VFX” 20.30 GemĂŒtlicher Ausklang im Garten NatĂŒrlich gibt es dazu GetrĂ€nke und einen kleinen Imbiss.   Weil ein persönlicher Austausch mit Jonas Pilz und Helge Maus möglich sein soll, ist die Zahl der PlĂ€tze limitiert. Deshalb bitten wir Euch, Euch kurz perRead More