[Tutorial] Fusion for Production – VFX Compositing with Fusion – 02b Fusion Compositing inside DaVinci Resolve

Here is the second part of last weeks tutorial. In this second part of lesson two, we will examine how to work with Fusion inside of DaVinci Resolve. I will show you different ways of making Fusion composites, some on the timeline, but also independent from the timeline. Also, you will learn how to have several versions on Fusion comps on a Timeline Clip for making variants or versions of your work.

Then we will discuss and solve some of the most asked problems when working with Fusion inside of the DaVinci Resolve Environment, for example how to import EXR and PNG sequences from Blender and other DCCs, how and when to use MediaIn Nodes correctly, how to add Loaders and Savers to your toolbar, how to split EXRs in severals Loaders with the Hos_SplitEXR script and how to get your Linear EXRs correctly into the Viewer. 

Also, we talk very briefly about ColorManagement for VFX assets in DaVinci Resolve and where to find the Resolve FX OFX plugins, which you can directly use inside of Fusion in the DaVinci Resolve Environment.

It’s quite a long tutorial, but I believe that it gives you everything you have to know if your want to start comping with Fusion inside of DaVinci Resolve and helps you around the common pitfalls.

If you have questions or topics, which should be added, please let me know.

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