Godot Game Engine – Let’s support FOSS

One thing I really love about working with FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software) is that there are so many different ways to help and collaborate with each other. Anyone can use the software immediately, no matter what their budget or where they are in their creative career.

However, I am just as happy to give something back to the projects so that others can benefit as well and not just a small number of investors or senior management.

This “giving back” can have many different faces: 
Actively developing, writing documentation, teaching :-), doing PR and also giving something financially (in the personal possibilities). Even small amounts give the projects more planning security.

Godot as a free game engine is one of those projects that I’ve grown fond of. Glad to be here on this list now too.

👉 https://godotengine.org

Perhaps you will also find such a project that inspires you?


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