FMX 2013 – Die kompletten Daten

FMX-2013_PartnerWie bereits geschrieben sind wir auch in diesem Jahr ist pixeltrain | 3d | vfx | animation wieder Partner der FMX 2013 ( Sie finden unseren Stand im Marketplace am Stand 2.9.

Products and services featured at booth:

pixeltrain | 3d | vfx | training offers you in-house trainings, workshops with experienced instructors and publications for the 3d & vfx industry. We enable you to master professional production techniques with the following tools: Maya, Cinema 4D, Vue xStream, NUKE, AfterEffects, SynthEyes and many more.

Eine komplette Stand-Übersicht finden Sie hier:!/event/1353

Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit, vorbeizuschauen und sich selbst von unseren Firmen- und Individualtrainings im Bereich 3D, vfx und animation zu überzeugen. Zudem stehen wir Ihnen natürlich mit persönlicher Beratung und natürlich TechTalks zur Verfügung.


Zudem wird Helge Maus / pixeltrain auch in diesem Jahr wieder einen spannenden praxisorientierten Vortrag halten:

MAXON CINEMA 4D R14 – NUKE 7 Production Workflows

Friday, April 26, Raum Karlsruhe, 11:00 – 12:00

MAXON CINEMA 4D has established a reputation as a comprehensive professional 3D software that his easy and intuitive to use. It is used in a wide range of fields: product design, architecture, photography, engineering and of course motion design. A long list of powerful features such as the Physical Renderer, Sketch and Toon, rigid and soft body simulation, Hair, Cloth, character tools, the node-based XPresso system, Thinking Particles and MoGraph make it possible to easily create breathtaking images and animations.

Less well-known but just as powerful are the integrated tools for camera calibration, the integrated BodyPaint 3D painting system and ProjectionMan, which lets projections and environments be quickly created and also simplifies compositing in NUKE. File exchange formats such as Alembic and FBX as well as the automatic generation of NUKE scripts make CINEMA 4D an ideal tool for a wide range of uses in any production pipeline.

In this presentation, Helge Maus (MAXON Certified Lead Instructor) will demonstrate workflows and practical applications on how CINEMA 4D features can also be used by NUKE compositing professionals.

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