[Tutorial] Blender Fundamentals – Multiple Materials on one object & Slots (Demo Lesson)

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This tutorial is a demo lesson from my Publication „pixeltrain Blender Fundamentals >> Fast Forward“.

Blender Fundamentals – Multiple Materials on one object & Slots (Demo lesson)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to assign Materials through the slot system of Blender to mesh parts. You will understand what a. slot is, how to make effective selections and assignment and how to assign multiple Materials to one mesh.

Here are the links for my Blender Fundamentals publication. In over 120 lessons with a duration of 20+ hours, I will take you through the complete fundamentals of Blender and the basic workflows you need to know to get started with this amazing free software.

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00:00 Overview of the series and the lesson

01:06 Slots & Multiple Materials

01:26 Working with the local Mode

02:00 Basic Material assignment

02:15 Adding an additional Material slot

02:30 Understanding Slots in the Properties & Shader Editor

03:28 Assigning Faces to a slot

04:43 Selecting faces from an assignment

06:07 Selection faces more effectively

07:06 Re-assign a Material

07:34 Going out of Local mode

08:00 Assigning Slots without Materials

08:33 Changing the Material of a slot

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