Open Source: LuxCoreRender

Posted on 21. April 2021Comments Off on Open Source: LuxCoreRender

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Blender. I’m convinced that this free software will be a new industry standard for many visualization and animation projects in the future.

I use Blender with Houdini FX in my trainings and also for personal projects all the time. Besides Cycles and Eevee I am also using LuxCore Renderer for photorealistic rendering with deep ray counts, complex camera effects and light linking. It’s best suited for Architecture, Product Visualization, and many more chases when it comes to realism.

The featureset is great!
And best of all it supports CPU and GPU (also on Mac with AMD cards).

Version 2.5 was just released, take a look here:

Thanks to the development team!

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