Free BagaPie V7 (Blender Add-on) has landed!

Do you know BagaPie?

The BagaPie Modifier is an “all in one” free Blender addon, you can use it for any purpose by Antoine Bagattini.

Also watch the version V6 reel to understand a little bit more, what this great tool is capable of: 

And the BagaPie version for Blender 3 feature reel:

It started as a collection of cool tools for lazy artists and has evolved over the last versions to a very powerful and useful multi tool for all kinds of operations.

I mostly use it for Scattering purposes of my own assets for nature scenes.
If supports a really fast scatter process, an easy to use Painting system for you instances, Proxies and also Camera Culling. Wow, and that’s for free!

But if you like the addon, you can get also the BagaPie Asset collection (around $55) which gives you around 200+ environment assets for your scenes.

More information and the free download:

Hope you like it!