Blender for Production tools – Flip Fluids Add-on for Blender

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my frequently used tools from the “Blender for Production” series: Blender Flip Fluids Add-on .

Flip Fluids is a paid add-on that seems quite expensive at around $75 for a Blender add-on.
So a little background information about this add-on.


Blender itself has a fluid engine called Mantaflow. Mantaflow is able to simulate liquids, fire, smoke and the like.

Mantaflow’s feature set is actually quite broad. Unfortunately, there is currently no maintainer for this project, meaning bugs and limitations cannot be fixed. Therefore, there are many things in Mantaflow that are very annoying in production and occasionally disrupt the workflow.

This is exactly where Flip Fluids scores for Blender.

This add-on specializes in liquids. If necessary, these can also be highly viscous, e.g. honey, chocolate, etc.

The add-on is very fast and has been actively maintained by the manufacturer for many years. This means that bug fixes and feature updates appear very frequently. Completely free for owners. Therefore, anyone who needs fluids in their 3D scenes should take a look at this add-on. I am very satisfied with that!

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Have fun!