2D- & 3D-Tracking Workflows in Blender

Here we go – today I’ve started the next free tutorial series “Blender 3.0 for Production”. The topic this time is “2D- & 3D-Tracking Workflows in Blender”. 

So, if you ever wanted to learn Camera-Tracking, Matchmoving, and Object-Tracking inside of Blender and also get a deep dive into techniques and workflows for exchanging these data with the Compositor and also external applications like Houdini, Maya, Cinema 4D, or NUKE, then this series is for you.

These first two lessons are about preparing your footage for Tracking inside of Blender with the help of the built-in Video Sequence Editor (VSE). Also, we take a brief tour of the MovieClip Editor. The following tutorials will drop in the next week. Have fun!

Blender 3.0 for Production – 2D & 3D Tracking Workflow – 01 Preparing Footage in the VSE

Blender 3.0 for Production – 2D & 3D Tracking Workflow – 02 Overview of the Movie Clip Editor

Have fun!


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