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As many of you probably know, in addition to my normal job as trainer for 3D, VFX and games, I also publish many free video tutorials and articles on industry-relevant topics. Since I’m lucky enough that some nice folks support me on Patreon, you’ll find everything collected there again in my profile. And, unlike on YouTube, you can enjoy my videos there without any advertising noise and distractions 😉 👉Read More

Shortly before GDC 2024, W4 Games and Meta announced a new collaboration in the area of XR under the title “W4 Games and Meta Team Up to Expand Open-Source Godot Ecosystem on Meta Quest“. As you probably know, I’m not necessarily a big fan of Meta, but I see this type of collaborations in the area of XR as a big boost for development and value for the development ofRead More

Godot Game Engine - Showreel 2023

Today, the new Godot Game Engine showreel 2023 for Games on desktop, mobile and console was released. It shows that this open-source game engine gets more and more traction and gives developers the opportunity to develop great indie games without being tied to commercial providers and their business models. As stated before, at the moment I’m working in Unity and Godot at the same time, depending on my vision andRead More

Godot Game Engine - Cooperation with Google and The Forge

Yesterday a new partnership between Google, The Forge and the Godot Foundation was announced on the Godot Blog. The goal is to optimize and expand Godot’s mobile engine for Vulkan-enabled devices, i.e. Android devices. However, changes and enhancements in this area will also be useful for other mobile devices as the Godot code will be optimized. From the announcement and the social media posts from Godot Foundation Members you canRead More

The first maintenance update to the 4.2 feature branch Godot 4.2.1 is just released, as the first maintenance update to the 4.2 feature branch. It fixes a number of platform-specific issues, which should make it easier for everyone to upgrade their Godot 4.1 projects, or start new ones in 4.2. https://godotengine.org/article/maintenance-release-godot-4-2-1/ Have fun!

Godot 4.2 released!

Godot is an open-source general purpose game engine aiming at helping you develop both 2D and 3D games. It’s powerful, fast, light and easy to learn. The new version Godot 4.2 has been available since yesterday after an active beta phase. This update is important because the Godot 4.x branch was a very big step towards modernization, performance and feature expansion. Many workflows between Godot 3.x and Godot 4.x wereRead More

Due to the new status that Godot has now acquired as a free open source 2D & 3D game engine for many newcomers, I would like to give you more news and information about this great project on my Patreon and blog. As some of you have read here in the past, I discovered Godot some time ago and have spent a lot of time there since then. The GodotRead More

  Lerne in unserer Reihe “First Steps” in nur 3 Tagen die grundlegenden Arbeitsweisen in MAYA, NUKE, HOUDINI FX oder UNITY von Helge Maus. In kleinen Gruppen bleibt Zeit fĂŒr Fragen und das Gelernte gleich umzusetzen. EUER VORTEIL: Falls Ihr Euch kein Individual-Training leisten möchtet, könnt Ihr in unserer “First Steps”-Trainingsreihe kostengĂŒnstig von Helges Wissen und grandioser TrainingsqualitĂ€t profitieren. Also, wir sehen uns im pixeltrain studio. Infos zu Anreise, UnterkunftRead More