Godot Game Engine – W4 Games and Meta Team Up to Expand Open-Source Godot Ecosystem on Meta QuestGodot Game Engine

Shortly before GDC 2024, W4 Games and Meta announced a new collaboration in the area of XR under the title “W4 Games and Meta Team Up to Expand Open-Source Godot Ecosystem on Meta Quest“.

As you probably know, I’m not necessarily a big fan of Meta, but I see this type of collaborations in the area of XR as a big boost for development and value for the development of Godot on these platforms.

The strategic cooperation covers the following areas:

  • Improving functionality, performance and usability of OpenXR features within Godot for the benefit of all VR developers
  • Providing an integration of the Meta Quest SDKs via plugin and exposing more Meta Quest features to end-users
  • Developing an optimized release template specifically for Quest users that leverages Meta Quest technology
  • Creating high-quality samples and documentation to help Godot users develop for Meta Quest

The strategic partnership also contemplates the development of educational materials and joint marketing activities in the coming years. Meta and W4 Games are dedicated to contributing as much of this work as possible to the Godot project as part of our shared commitment to the open-source community.

Here is the entire press release on the W4 website:


I believe, that Godot is on a good track at the moment to get the same momentum as Blender some years ago.

If you want to learn more about Godot or even need training, please let me know info(at)pixeltrain.net. I would love to help.