Blender Shortfilm – The Drink

Today I want to talk about another shot film made completely in Blender by Artist William Landgren (14 years old). First watch the movie before reading more 😉

The production of the short took 2 months and is 100% CG. He used Blender, After Effects, Marvelous Designer and DaVinci Resolve. I think, it looks amazing, right?

This brings me to an important point:

If you are creative and want to be a CG filmmaker you can start today! 

You don’t need high end software and equipment. I want to stress that, because I had an interesting conversation this week with a program manager for a big VFX Event in India. After I was asked to talk there I decided I want to do an “Introduction for Blender for Indie VFX- & Animation studios”, because I was thinking about the many young creative folks in India and all over the world, who are dreaming to become a CG Artist. 

The answer I heard then from the organizers of the event (owner of a big production house in India) was, that I better do a NUKE class, because it’s “more relevant” for the audience. This would have been no problem for me, because I train NUKE since many years and I’m loving it, but it brought me to an important insight.

The film industry is mostly driven by big investment companies, and the artist is only a “anonymous working bee” for them. The tools are so expensive and the workflows are quite complex, so that the artists have to pirate the softwares (mostly a whole bunch of them) or sell their souls for the maintenance fees. The result is, that they are forced into these big companies to make the stuff they want. And if you are bound in a company like that you have to go every step they demand from you or you are laid off, because the company is bought or it closes suddenly it’s doors forever.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing to work in such a company and have fun to work on great blockbusters as a highly specialized member of a team.

But I am a strong believer that we have many more options to make a living from creative work and art development. So for artists with less money and chances from all ends of the world or even for Indie artists which have ideas for art, which is not mainstream or boring mid-standard like the big productions, there has to be a place. 

Why, because it’s important for an artist to have an own voice for ideas, thoughts and also an independent income. Storys are different for everyone, for every culture, age and social groups. They have to been told. For this, software has to be approachable. 

So, in the future I will invest more time into my “Blender for Production” series, to help these filmmakers. I want to show how you can use high quality stuff with Blender and the infrastructure around it. Also I will post more stories like that here, to show you what’s possible to motivate you.

Here is the link to my YouTube tutorials:

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Don’t be afraid, I will still do Houdini FX and NUKE tutorials, because it’s important for you to see, how it is done there. Then you can apply this knowledge to every tool.

I hope you like that.

More in the next days.

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