New Compositing-Tutorial-Series: Pipeline between Blender & Nuke!

Posted on 14. April 2021Comments Off on New Compositing-Tutorial-Series: Pipeline between Blender & Nuke!

Here is a new tutorial for my series “Blender for Production“.

This time we will talk about an exciting software combination because we start setting up a Blender to NUKE pipeline. YES – Blender is an excellent choice as a 3d application and so it is important to learn how to use it together with Nuke in a compositing pipeline. This series has three parts.

These are the topics:

  • How to set up a Blender to Nuke-Pipeline
  • How to compose the Light Passes from Blender Cycles inside of NUKE
  • How to get a correct World Position Pass. You learn how to fix all the issues which will appear if you try to use a Blender Cycles WPP in NUKE directly. You learn to solve the problems in NUKE, but also in Blender, so you later have a deep understanding of the workflow and solutions. As always we then build our tools for a later production pipeline.

Have fun!

01 Setting up a Blender to Nuke Pipeline

02 Working with Blender Light Passes in Nuke

03 Building correct World Position Passes and custom AOVS

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