pixeltrain’s Academy 2023

Would you like to learn Blender in a well-founded and practice-oriented way? Without watching hundreds of redundant and shallow tutorials? Then our pixeltrain Academy 2023 is just right for you. Learn online, with live teaching session, in small groups and with personal mentoring from Helge Maus. Through our modular system, you can build your own curriculum to suit your previous knowledge, pace and goals. The next Blender Fundamentals module startsRead More

Due to the new status that Godot has now acquired as a free open source 2D & 3D game engine for many newcomers, I would like to give you more news and information about this great project on my Patreon and blog. As some of you have read here in the past, I discovered Godot some time ago and have spent a lot of time there since then. The GodotRead More