Blender shortfilm “Wildheart” by Keytales

Today I want to share another amazing and beautiful Blender shortfilm project with the name „Wildheart“. The goal of the makers of this short is to make a feature-length film in the future. So they started with this short film. I hope you like it as much as I do!

It tells the story of the bond between two street living kids as they search for a sense of family.

Six year old orphan Kenta and his ten year old friend Makoto team up to search for Kenta’s mother, but their journey becomes a test of their extraordinary bond when they discover that the reunion may come at a cost.

The studio behind this project is named Keytales, located in Paris.

They describe themself as a fun team, eclectic bunch from Japan, Europe, and the USA.

We’re directors, artists, animators, writers, composers, and designers – a mix of industry pros and fresh talents. Together, we’re on a mission to bring a fresh spin to animation, exploring meaningful stories that resonate. We’re all about crafting something that not only reflects our diverse backgrounds and skills but also connects deeply with our audience.

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