Vortrag auf der PIXEL 6 Vienna in Wien / 08.10.2011

Dieses Jahr habe ich die Ehre, auf der PIXEL 6 in Wien (http://www.pixelvienna.com) einen Vortrag über den Workflow zwischen Maxon Cinema 4D R13 und Vue xStream halten zu dürfen. Es freut mich mit so vielen hochkarätigen Referenten an diesem Event teilnehmen zu können. Zudem betreue ich mit der Firma softwarediskont für beide Tage einen Stand, an dem ich gerne Cinema 4D R13, Vue xStream, DPIT EFFEX und einiges mehr zeigen werde. Ich freue mich auf Euren Besuch.

Workflow solutions with Cinema 4D and Vue xStream

In the last couple of years Maxon Cinema 4D has grown to a powerful and production-ready 3D- and Animationtool. Because of its modular design it offers for every 3D- and VFX-Artist powerful extensions that make everday tasks quickly to solve. Besides convenient tools the animation system of Maxon Cinema 4D R13 includes a complete NLA- and motion-layer-system. In release R13 the character tools are extended by a powerful template-driven rigging system and an easy to use cmotion walkcycle generator. Moreover it offers an intuitive user interface and is extremely stable.

E-on Vue xStream’s strengths lie in working with natural phenomena such as landscapes, vegetation, clouds and atmospheres. Therefore, this tool is often used in matte painting and Set-Extensions. Hollywood-Productions like Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean, Australia and Terminator Salvation to name just a few are demonstrative examples of the powerful effects E-on Vue xStreams is able to create.

In this workshop Helge Maus shows possible workflows between Cinema 4D and Vue xStream, which of course are adaptable for other 3D applications.

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