The Future of Hair Grooming in coming Blender 3.3 LTS

The next version of Blender, version Blender 3.3 LTS, is coming at the beginning of September 2022. At the moment I am testing the Alpha version to follow the developent of the new features of this version. As a LTS version, it will then receive bugfixes for 2 years, so it is a big milestone for development and production.

One of the most exciting features will be the new Hair system, which will be based on curves. The existing Hair system of Blender uses the Particle system, which is great, but also a little bit “old-school”.

Through geometry nodes it is possible to build your own geometry generators and procedural modifiers. Now with this new curve based approach for Hair you can build very easily procedural modifiers for Hair, for example you build only a basic Hair groom and then the Hair is filled procedurally and also reacts to weather conditions and wetness and so on by a modifier. This is awesome!

Andy Goralczyk from Blender Studio presents a new hair system for the upcoming Blender 3.3. The new hair system uses new high performance curves objects and combine the flexibility of Geometry Nodes with powerful destructive tools for hair grooming.

You find more information here in this article:

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