Photorealistic Textures in Substance Painter

The next hour of free content is online. This time we dive into Substance Painter and texture our Toothbrush from the “Houdini FX Practice Hour”. Next week we will finish this project by rendering the final scene in Houdini FX with Mantra and Pixar’s RenderMan. And, the next project is coming soon!

These tutorials are meant for newbies in Painter but are filled with many tips & trick and workflow hints.
I hope, you have fun with them.

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In this tutorial, you will have a brief introduction into the User Interface of Substance Painter and its paradigms. Then we will dive into the Baker and use our High-Poly Mesh from Houdini FX to bake out the needed maps for Painting.

Also, we talk about the feature-set of Painter at the moment and how to fix baking problems.

These topics are covered:

  • Checking the export setting in Houdini FX for low & high poly meshes
  • Creating a new Substance Painter project
  • Understanding the Project Settings
  • Texture Resolution, Normals, UDIMs
  • Navigation in Substance Painter
  • Quick UI overview
  • Painting with Material
  • Why do we need baked maps?
  • Substance Painter Baker
  • Understanding the baking process
  • Baking of Maps
  • Fixing baking problems
  • Inspecting Channels & Maps

This tutorial series „Houdini Practice Hour“ is meant for newbies in Houdini FX, who want to learn the basic tasks of modeling, uvs, shading, lighting and rendering on a project base in Houdini FX.

I will explain you step by step the workflows and tools, so you can follow along and then experiment to deepen your knowledge.

Learning means „getting your hands dirty“. This series doesn’t give you the most effective, elegant or the “only right way”, it’s concepted to give you a solid learning experience.

List of Tutorials:

Toothbrush – 10 Baking Maps in Substance Painter

Toothbrush – 11 Overview Substance Painter User Interface

Toothbrush – 12 Adding & Projecting the wooden base

Toothbrush – 13 Building a Painting Layer Stack

Toothbrush – 14 Projecting Text & Exporting Textures

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