Houdini Practice Hour: Grooming System

Here we go – the next 4 lessons of our “Houdini FX Practice Hour” (Beginner’s series) are online. Hairy stuff, this time!

The toothbrushes get now their bristles with the help of the Houdini FX Grooming system. Thanks for all your support!

In this tutorial, you will learn how the Houdini FX Grooming system works and which nodes are involved to build up an easy system.

We will take a look into generating Guides and how to generate Hair from them.

Also you will learn how to use Attribute Paint to drive the placement and length of your Hair.

These topics are covered:

  • Pros and cons on shelf tools
  • Adding a Fur System
  • Guide Groom Node
  • Explanation Parameters in the Guide Groom Node
  • Working with Overrides
  • Skin Attributes
  • Painting Guide / Hair Length (lengthscale) with Attribute Paint
  • Hair Generate Node
  • Explanation Hair Generate Node Parameters
  • The connection between Guides and Hair
  • Mantra Hair Generation
  • Generating Splines for third party Renderers

This tutorial series „Houdini Practice Hour“ is meant for newbies in Houdini FX, who want to learn the basic tasks of modeling, uvs, shading, lighting and rendering on a project base in Houdini FX.

I will explain you step by step the workflows and tools, so you can follow along and then experiment to deepen your knowledge.

Learning means „getting your hands dirty“. This series doesn’t give you the most effective, elegant or the “only right way”, it’s concepted to give you a solid learning experience.

Link to the YouTube-Playlist “Houdini FX Practice Hour”: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLp90cx0wSyKZ2Nxnyp4W-EeaEQBp53k-f

If you have questions or topics, which should be added, please let us know.

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