Helge auf der FMX 2016 mit Maxon, SolidAngle, Houdini & Laubwerk!

pixeltrain wird wieder seinen üblichen Stand bei der FMX 2016 haben – also im Bermudadreieck zwischen Kaffeestand und Eismaschine 😉

Kommt’ und trefft Helge Maus dort!

Er freut sich, Euch wieder dort zu treffen und sich mit Euch über 3D & VFX auszutauschen.

Helges 3 Vorträge auf der FMX 2016:


Tuesday, April 26, Raum Karlsruhe, 10:00 – 11:00
Helges Vortrag für MAXON Computer GmbH >> Programmlink <<


ARNOLD VFX Workflow with Cinema 4D

The SolidAngle ARNOLD renderer has established itself as an industry standard for VFX production in feature films. On top of its success in feature films its ease of use, intuitive and artist-friendly operation excellent controllability popularity has made it extremely popular in other areas of photo-realistic VFX production such as commercials.

3D and VFX trainer Helge Maus demonstrates the tight integration of the ARNOLD renderer with Cinema 4D and the added value this proven production renderer offers.

In addition to photo-realistic render results and an unbiased Monte Carlo GI for animation, the node-based shading system and the integration of third-party shaders will also be shown. The powerful AOV (multi-passing) system leaves nothing to be desired. Topics such as DeepEXRs, OpenVDB as well as integration with hair and spline rendering, TP, XParticles and Turbulence FD will be demonstrated within the context of VFX production.


Wednesday, April 27, List-Saal: Turm B, 14:00 – 15:00
Helges Vortrag für Laubwerk >> Programmlink <<


Digital Landscaping for CG Artists and Architects

Laubwerk Plants Kits enables the user to quickly set up a vegetated scene in Maya and 3ds Max. We present the drag-and-drop simplicity and easy-to-use tools that modify the shape, age, season, and level of detail of the plants and go into details about how to precisely control materials, and performance.


Wednesday, April 27, Raum Karlsruhe, 16:00 – 17:00
Helges Vortrag für MAXON Computer GmbH >> Programmlink <<


Houdini Engine for Cinema 4D – Introduction and Best Practice

The Houdini Engine gives Cinema 4D artists access to the power of the VFX and simulation multi-talent Houdini FX. Digital assets created in Houdini FX can be opened directly in Cinema 4D. Files can be exchanged between both applications and fine-tuned using the available options.

In this workshop, Helge Maus shows how to set up digital assets in Houdini FX and how to integrate complex particles, fluids and fracturing simulations. Helge will also cover special workflows for rendering volumetrics such as clouds using OpenVDB and ARNOLD renderers.

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