Blender 2.9 – Comping of Light- & Data Passes & Rendering in Cycles

Posted on 26. October 2020Comments Off on Blender 2.9 – Comping of Light- & Data Passes & Rendering in Cycles

The first module of my „Blender 2.9 for Production“ series is done. In this first module we’ve talked about the build-in node-based Compositor of Blender 2.9 and how to work with it in an effective integrated workflow. You have learned how you set up Render-Layers and -Passes and how to work also with external OpenEXRs from other 3D-Applications and Renderers. My conclusion is, that this Compositor is a really powerful addition to every workflow and I am hoping for more improvements in the future.

01 Introduction to the Blender Compositor Workflow

02 Basic Compositing Tasks in Blender 2.9 Compositor

03 RenderLayers, Collections & Ray-Visibility

04 RenderLayers, LightPasses & DataPasses

05 Working with Light- & Data-Passes, Alphas and much more

I hope, you enjoyed this series and learned a lot. But for now I will dive into the new Houdini 18.5 stuff.

Let’s say it like that „I will be back“ 😉 Blender 2.91 is around the corner and I will continue this „Blender 2.9 for Production“ series with the 2D- & 3D-Tracking system.

If you have questions or topics, which should be added, please let us know.

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