[Tutorial] Blender Fundamentals – Loop Cut & Offset Loop Cut Tool (Demo lesson)

This tutorial is a demo lesson from my Publication „pixeltrain Blender Fundamentals >> Fast Forward“.

[Tutorial] Blender Fundamentals – Loop Cut & Offset Loop Cut Tool (Demo lesson)

In over 120 lessons with a duration of 20+ hours, I will take you through the complete fundamentals of Blender and the basic workflows you need to know to get started with this amazing free software.

In this tutorial, you will learn the use of the LoopCut tool and the Offset Edge Loop Cut tool. First you will see how to work with these tools from the Quick tools menu and all the options, then we will look into the keyboard shortcuts and options keys for faster access. At the end, Helge shows how to double edges with the Bevel shortcut as an alternative.

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00:00 Overview of the series and the lesson

01:06 LoopCut tool & Offset Loopcut tool

01:30 Using Loop Cut from the Quick tools

01:50 Making a loop cut

02:30 Options of the loop cut

04:00 Sliding the cut

04:45 Working with referenced edges

05:20 Options Even and Flip

06:20 Adding loop cuts with shortcuts

07:30 Options Even and Flip with shortcuts

08:30 Offset Edge Loop Cut tool

10:09 Working with the shortcut

10:37 Working with edge bevel as an alternative

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