Hello Houdini Beginners, The first module of my free “Houdini FX Practice Hour” project “CoffeeCup” is finished! Over the course of 13 lessons, you will learn the basics of the Houdini Polygon Modeling tools and how to get into a procedural approach with selections, groups and a little bit of HScript. You will learn how to work with UVs and build a workflow between Houdini and Substance Painter. We will render our scenes in Mantra. In two bonus lessons, we dive deeper into the Classic Material Workflow between Houdini and Substance Painter 2020 and the new UDIM based workflow. IRead More

Welcome to our new “Houdini FX Practice Hour” project. This time we will model, texture and render a Toothbrush with glass. Also, we will dive into the Houdini FX groom system for generating the bristles with hair. Hope, you like it – if yes, please subscribe 🙂 In this tutorial, we will create a Houdini FX project and talk about the importance of the project structure and the Houdini variables $JOB and $HOME and to make sure, that your paths will not break when transferring the project to another machine or a render farm. These topics are covered: Generation aRead More

Today I’ve released the first part of my new “Houdini FX Practice Hour” series on YouTube. 5 Lessons for Beginners, showing Direct Modeling in Houdini FX. Hope, you like it: https://youtube.com/pixeltrain3DVFXTrainings Next part will come next week, then we will dive into UVs, Texture Painting, Shading and Rendering. In this tutorial, we will set up our Houdini FX scene for modeling. These topics are covered: Setting up a reference image in COPs Setting up reference images in the viewport Working with different display options to help the modeling process Changing object shading and ghosting Learning keyboard shortcuts for working withRead More

Herzlich Willkommen zum ersten Teil unserer Reihe Cinema 4D Advanced Production Vol 1: Modeling Improvements in der Praxis. Jahr für Jahr kommen immer weitere leistungsstarke, praktische Funktionen und Werkzeuge in MAXON CINEMA 4D hinzu und verbreitern damit die kreativen Möglichkeiten für die Nutzer. Doch leider fehlt im hektischen Arbeitsalltag häufig die Zeit und dann auch die richtigen Quellen, diese Neuerungen kennenzulernen und nutzbringend zu integrieren. Häufig werden daher neue Funktionen schnell wieder vergessen und die Arbeitseffektivität steigt kaum. Genau hier möchte Ihr Trainer Helge Maus helfen. Hier der Link zum VideoOnDemand: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/c4dproductionvol01 Diese Publikation, deren Schwerpunkt im Volume 1 „Modeling“Read More