Fusion for Production - VFX Compositing with Fusion - 06 Polygon Masks & BSpline Mask Tool

I’ve just released my next free Blackmagicdesign Fusion Tutorial on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/pixeltrain3DVFXTrainings This time I talk about Masking, the Polygon Mask tool and the BSpline Mask tool. You can follow along with DaVinci Resolve on the Fusion Page or in Fusion Studio. Have fun! Helge

Learn the Fundamentals of the Merge tool & the almighty Channel Booleans tool in Fusion Studio. Here is the Link to the tutorial and the whole series. VFX Compositing Techniques with Merge & Channel Booleans in Fusion Studio.

Fusion for Production - VFX Compositing with Fusion - 03 Deep Pixel Fundamentals, Tools & Workflows

In this tutorial series, we will talk about Blackmagic Fusion Studio and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve (Fusion page) as a professional VFX Compositing package. We will dive into basic workflows and techniques to make your daily compositing work more effective and fun. In this tutorial, you will learn the Fundamentals of Fusions Deep Pixel workflows, which gives you as a compositing artist an extremely powerful toolset inside of Fusion. You willRead More

Fusion for Production - VFX Compositing with Fusion - 02b Fusion Compositing inside DaVinci Resolve

Here is the second part of last weeks tutorial. In this second part of lesson two, we will examine how to work with Fusion inside of DaVinci Resolve. I will show you different ways of making Fusion composites, some on the timeline, but also independent from the timeline. Also, you will learn how to have several versions on Fusion comps on a Timeline Clip for making variants or versions of yourRead More