Here are the new features: And the cool new features reel: Such a great final release for Blender 2+ series – now the Blender 3 can come! Thanks to all the great developers! P.S. If you want to start now, my next Blender Animation & Rigging Training (German) is June 17 + 18, 2021. More information: If you like Helge’s Tutorials, give him some support to goRead More

Learn the Compositing Workflow inside of Blender! Today, I have started a new tutorial series for Blender 2.9 “Blender 2.9 for Production”. This tutorial series „Blender 2.9 for Production“ focuses on Blender 2.9 as a full Production Suite for (Indie) 3D- & VFX Productions. In this tutorials, I will explain how to work with the different Modules of Blender 2.9 and how they are connected to each other. I willRead More

Start your Blender 2.9 Journey now! Blender 2.9 – A full production suite for 3D, VFX and Animation. Next to my beloved Houdini FX, Blender is for me the solutions for Modeling, Animation and PreViz. As you may have seen, I have published the last days 4 free tutorials about the new features of Blender 2.9.You find them on my YouTube channel: If you now have the feeling, thatRead More

Autodesk Maya 2012 Grundlagen Intensivtraining am 07.02.-09.02.2012 in Duesseldorf Dieses Training wird mit unserem Partnerunternehmen 3dpowerstore GmbH in Düsseldorf zusammen veranstaltet. Trainer: Helge Maus / pixeltrain | 3d | vfx | animation Art: Klassenraumtraining Datum: 07.02. – 09.02.2012, 9:30 – 18:30 Ort: 3dpowerstore / Düsseldorf Beschreibung: Der Kurs richtet sich an 3D-Artists, Designer und Grafiker, die mit Hilfe von Maya 2012 professionelle Visualisierungen und erste Animationen erstellen wollen. Dieser Kurs