Blender Grundlagen Training mit Helge Maus

Du möchtest Blender 3D fundiert und effizient lernen und in den Bereich 3D-Visualisierung einsteigen? Mein nächster deutschsprachiger „Blender 3.6 – Grundlagen“ Kurs findet am 06.+07. Juli in Zusammenarbeit mit der Visualisierungs-Akademie statt. Als live online Training. Dieser Kurs ist für Beginner konzeptioniert, genauso wie für Artists die bereits aus anderen 3D Programmen Vorwissen haben und nun Blender intensiv kennenlernen wollen. Da der Kurs online durchgeführt wird, arbeitest Du zwei Tage liveRead More

Blender for Production - Production Helpers - Using Your Favorite Tools from Quick Favorites Tutorial by Helge Maus / pixeltrain

Published another free “Blender for Production” tutorial: “Production Helpers – Using Your Favorite Tools from Quick Favorites” 👉 In this tutorial we will talk about setting up a Quick Favorites menu for the different working modes inside of Blender. Often used functions and options can be added there by the artist to work faster and more efficient. While explaining the process we will look into several clever helpers likeRead More

Tutorial Blender for Production - Production Helpers - Modeling with Booleans & Bool Tools Add-on by Helge Maus

This series „Blender for Production“ focuses on Blender as a full Production Suite for (Indie) 3D- & VFX Productions.  I will explain how to work with the different Modules of Blender and how they are connected. Also, I will give you an introduction to the specific functionalities, but also the production context and workflows, which can help you to use Blender in your productions.  In this tutorial we will talkRead More

FMX2023 - Helge Maus Online Workshop for Blender for Production

🔴 FMX2023 🔴  🗓 Save the date ! Meet the Senior VFX Trainer Helge Maus on Friday 28 April for an online workshop. As part of FMX 2023, Helge Maus (pixeltrain) will give you an overview of the broad feature set of Blender 3.5, how the development cycles and infrastructure of this open-source tool is working and how Indies (but also pro studios) can start using this software in theirRead More

This tutorial is a demo lesson from my Publication „pixeltrain Blender Fundamentals >> Fast Forward“. In this tutorial, you will learn how to assign Materials through the slot system of Blender to mesh parts. You will understand what a. slot is, how to make effective selections and assignment and how to assign multiple Materials to one mesh. Here are the links for my Blender Fundamentals publication. In over 120 lessonsRead More

More and more customers are asking me for my opinion on learning real-time engines like Unreal or Unity. That’s why I wanted to share my experiences with you. Saving render times is a big goal for all of us. Depending on the techniques used and the style you are aiming for, it can take some minutes or even many hours to calculate an image or longer animations. In the photorealisticRead More

Blender Fundamentals - Loop Cut & Offset Loop Cut Tool (Demo lesson)

This tutorial is a demo lesson from my Publication „pixeltrain Blender Fundamentals >> Fast Forward“. In over 120 lessons with a duration of 20+ hours, I will take you through the complete fundamentals of Blender and the basic workflows you need to know to get started with this amazing free software. In this tutorial, you will learn the use of the LoopCut tool and the Offset Edge Loop Cut tool.Read More

Today is Valentine’s Day ❤️ – we hope you spend much time with your loved ones today 🙂As a greeting from us to all 😎 Blender enthusiasts (or those who want to become one), we are offering our “Blender Fundamentals Publication” at the big “For the Love of Blender” sale on Blender Market with a 25% discount 🤩.Valid until Friday 17th midnight. Here is the direct link:👉 Have funRead More

Blender Fundamentals - Adjusting the Transform Orientation (Demo lesson)

Today we switch gears – this is my first Blender tutorial of this year. It’s a beginners lesson from my “Blender Fundamentals” publication and teaches you how you can work with different transform orientations. I hope you like it. I’m quit curious if also some long-time Blender users find some new tips and tricks in it 😎 You find this tutorial as always on my YouTube channel: 👉 In thisRead More

The End of the year brings us time to reflect, relax and to learn something new! Let’s start learning Blender with our „pixeltrain Blender Fundamentals – Fast Forward“ publication. 👉 YouTube Trailer More than 20+ hours of content in over 114 lessons.Learn everything you need to know for beginners and folks from other 3D applications. Our gift for you is a Holiday Voucher for VIMEO VOD or GUMROAD.Use „XMAS2022“ atRead More